WHILE Jahmene is adjusting to life as a celebrity following his success on the X Factor, his family are also coming to terms with being in the limelight.

The 22-year-old's family were by his side on Wednesday as he came home to drum up support ahead of the final.

His mum Mandy, sister Corice and brothers Isaac and Darren, met Jahmene at Asda before joining him at the Gorse Hill Community Centre and watching him switch on the lights in Wharf Green.

Mandy said that seeing her son fulfil his dreams had given the whole family a boost.

She said: “Jahmene’s sister Corice and brothers Isaac and Darren feel lifted.

“It has shown them that there is life beyond fear. I have seen smiles and laughter of late and we have had some happy memories to keep during this process. It gives us hope for a new brighter tomorrow.”

Jahmene is from a creative family and is not the only talented one as Corice has created a successful modelling career for herself and Mandy is an artist.

“I have always taught my children to live their dreams and aim high,” said Mandy.

“Corice may join a girl band this coming year, alongside modelling. Isaac is the inventor, the brains, I wish he would just get on and prove his immense gift.

“He is also known for his wicked sense of humour. Darren has so many talents that I think he gets confused on what to focus on, I am sure once he settles down he will surprise us all.

“We are all creatively minded we all draw and write. I miss our clay sculpting sessions .

“Art is therapy and it's a way of expressing, this is why I focus my pain through my art and I encourage anyone to release through art.

“It helps to express and heal.

“Our house is probably known as 'the noisy house', wherever we have lived, as we all love music and we all sing. All at the same time, in different rooms, and to different genres.”

You can see examples of Mandy’s work by visiting www.fineartamerica.com/profiles/mandy-thomas.