POPULAR TV vet Joe Inglis is preparing to open a state-of-the-art veterinary practice in Swindon which will revolutionise the world of pet care.

Joe, who is well known for his roles in Vets in Practice, The One Show and The Wright Stuff, admits he is putting his career and finances on the line with the venture and is aware it could spark much controversy.

The practice, called Vet’s Klinic off Paddington Drive, will enable pet owners to book and pay for discounted appointments online, view their pet’s medical records on the internet and keep up-to-date with their pet’s treatments with live updates.

The team will host live internet streaming of treatments, case studies and Q&A sessions through the Vet’s Klinic online TV channel.

Joe, 39, is investing more than £600,000 in to the venture. The £300,000 building work is set to be finished by August.

“I strongly believe that Vet’s Klinic can bring significant and beneficial changes to the veterinary and pet care industry,” he said.

“I am making a lot of ‘firsts’ and I would love it if other vets followed my lead.

!I think vets are quite stuck in the mud at the moment, things have always been done that way so hopefully this is going to shake up the profession.”

Joe hopes that the inclusion of a glass fronted clinical area with a viewing gallery for owners, internet streaming, online medical records and flexible online booking will help pet owners understand more about what goes on at the surgery.

“I am aiming to help and educate pet owners and provide a new transparent approach to top quality care while making treatment more affordable,” said Joe.

“I’m nervous because it is a big investment in terms of time and money, and my reputation is on the line.

“If we have got it wrong, then financially it could be a disaster.”

Joe intends to spend two to three days a week working at the surgery along with a team of about eight full time staff.