CAMPERS will have the chance to sleep among the pigs at Eastbrook Farm later this month.

The Camping with Pigs weekend takes place from August 16-19 at Eastbrook Farm, in Bishopstone, will give guests the chance to walk, cycle, horseride and wake up to the sound of yawning pigs.

Visitors can bring tents or motorhomes and there will be several pig arcs available.

“You will wake to the sound of about 1,000 pigs yawning,” said Helen Browning, who farms Eastbrook Farm and whose sausages and bacon can be found in online supermarket Ocado, and major supermarkets.

“And at night you will see, or hear, or feel, badgers, bats, deer, rabbits, foxes, mice, weasels and stoats.

“If the sky is clear, the stars will amaze you. And it’s actually relaxing to watch the pigs.

“They run around all day, then sleep, then escape, then go home. Bring a deckchair, just sit and watch them.

“This is perfect for families and ought to be a do-nothing break – space for walking, talking, riding bikes, reading books, lying around, eating and drinking.”

The adventure ties in with the annual Pigstock mini music and beer festival, on August 18, with headlining act, the bluesy singer\songwriter Caitlin Bowles, and featuring local rock and soul bands.

Camping costs £12 for adults and £6 for children per night and includes free entry to Pigstock.

Booking is essential. For more information call 01793 790460, or email