1947: A disastrous hurricane, with winds of up to 98mph, swept across the country last night, leaving devastation in its wake, including parts of Swindon. The chimney stack fell in to a bedroom, crashing through the ceiling of Berkley Farm in Wroughton, leaving a gaping hole in the roof and wrecking the room below.

1957: The Sudanese trade unionists who visited Swindon were impressed with the growth of the houses on the Walcot estate. After a glimpse of the new hospital site at Okus they toured the Lawns estate.

1977: Jessica Dark, four, of Lansdown Road, Old Town, Swindon, is never short of ballet shoes as her parents have just opened a new ballet shop in Granville Street, Swindon. Jessica has been dancing since she was two, and has already appeared in two pantomimes.

2013: Dozens of people had the chance to try wheelchair sports at an event held at Delta Tennis. People tried wheelchair tennis, basketball and rugby during the session, which was led by teams and coaches from across the area.

Richard Watkins, head tennis coach at Delta Tennis, said they wanted to raise awareness of the sports on offer for people with disabilities.



1861: The Kingdom of Italy was proclaimed.

1969: Golda Meir became the first female Prime Minister of Israel.

2003: Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs Robin Cook, resigned from the British Cabinet in disagreement with government plans for the invasion of Iraq.



1919: Nat King Cole, American singer

1933: Penelope Lively, British author

1938: Rudolf Nureyev, Russian dancer and choreographer

1951: Kurt Russell, American actor

1956: Rory McGrath, English comedian

1962: Clare Grogan, Scottish singer and actress

1964: Rob Lowe, American actor

1969: Alexander McQueen, fashion designer

1976: Stephen Gately, Irish singer with Boyzone

1982: Steven Pienaar, Everton and South Africa footballer

1986: Edin Džeko, Manchester City and Bosnia footballer



460: Saint Patrick, Irish missionary

1995: Ronald Kray, English gangster

1999: Rod Hull, English comedian