BARN Owl Pre-School believe it is vital to develop a strong link with parents.

They believe that with this bond in place it allows young people to develop their skills.

The centre, based at Haydon Wick Primary School, in The Brow, formed in 2010. They currently care for 56 young people each week and employ six members of staff.

Rachel Hayward is the pre-school’s manager. She said: “We try to provide a very fun, enriching environment for children. There are always lots of activities going on and our recent Ofsted report praised the calm and friendly atmosphere that we provide.”

The centre was inspected in April and received a good overall rating when the report was published earlier this month.

There are four grades available to the body when it carries out inspections with these being outstanding, good, requires improvement and inadequate.

Rachel said: “We are delighted by the report.

“We work very hard and I think this report proves this point. I think one of the key things behind our success is striking a good relationship between staff, parents and children.

“I believe this triangle is vitally important.

“As a pre-school we look to present several challenges.

“We look to help them develop academically but we also try to make them more social as we understand that the way they interact with others will be vital in later life.”

Inspector Karen Prager was very impressed by Barn Owl Pre-School.

“Staff effectively use their good knowledge and understanding of how children learn and develop.

“They seek information from parents about children’s development and interests before they start to attend,” she said.

“This helps to give all children the best start in their learning.”

“Staff fully understand their responsibility to keep children safe and promote their learning and development.

“They work closely to provide a safe and secure environment for children.”

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