Residents have become trapped inside their houses after an articulated lorry tipped over on the private road outside their homes.

The trailer of vehicle tipped over after driving down a private lane and becoming trapped on Elcot Lane, Marlborough, at 2pm yesterday.

The vehicle, containing fertiliser, was led down private Barnfield road by a satellite navigation system when it became struck by a bridge.

Although the cab passed under the bridge, the trailer tipped onto its side and blocked the entire road.

Residents from homes on the private road now remain stuck in their homes as police await assistance to remove the trailer.

A spokesman for Wiltshire Police said: “We received a call at approximately 2.10pm to a report that a lorry had tipped on to its side in Elcot Lane, Marlborough.

"The road was blocked as a result.

"The driver is not believed to be injured. The lorry was carrying what is believed to be fertilizer which has tipped, so likely to be a lengthy clean-up process.”

The vehicle remains on the road today as fire crews await assistance to clear the area.

The driver was uninjured and spent the night sleeping in his cab, which was not damaged, following the incident.

Resident Audrey Williams, who is currently trapped inside her home as a result of the crash, said: “I was coming home from work when three fire engine with their lights on went past us. I didn’t know what was going on because it’s a very quiet area.

“We’ve been told we must stay in our homes while emergency services wait for a crane to move the lorry.

“I was escorted by someone from the fire service to my home yesterday afternoon because they are worried that the load might tip over.

“They are concerned for public safety so won’t let us out."

Police remain at the scene, which has been cordoned off.

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Video and pictures by Nicola Salt