Dear all, .

Firstly: I have all the results and tables ready from the Sheff Utd match but just haven't had time to post them - I'll get these done tonight I promise….see the thread link (it'\s a long way down after the week we've had!): .

Well a quiet week on the pitch but not so quiet off the pitch eh!?….I've had my head buried in the closing stages of a major project at work but every time I surface it seems to be all change.


Tomorrow sees a crucial home match as a win will set us up nicely for the next home game on Tuesday….Lose and…!?….don't even want to think about it to be honest….and our home form v Yeovil is not exactly convincing plus they are on another strong run of results following a bit of a slump off a great start.


Yeovil gives me mixed memories really, although the 3-3 draw down at their place was something that will stay in the memory for a long, long time….the sound of the Yeovil fans walking out singing "3-0 and we f*cked it up, 3-0 and we…." with good humour made me laugh out loud for sure.


The main concern for me is that my wife is going again - and per my warning for the last time v L.Orient she has seen us lose every time…..this is the 8th visit so maybe, JUST maybe we can turn the jinx!?


Questions for Swindon v Yeovil: ===.

1) Correct Score.

2) Total Attendance.

3) First Swindon Goalscorer AND Time of the goal.

4) Number of Corners.

5) Time of LAST!!! Substitute by either team.


Match Bonus Questions: ----.

A) Number of Shots On Target (Both Teams).


B) First STFC player carded.


C) Number of goals scored by Top 6 teams in League 1 on Saturday.



COME ONNNNN UUU REDSSSS…Fingers crossed for an important win!!!!


Cheers all - SAPFanSTFC.