PAOLO Di Canio was delighted to see James Collins get back into the scoring habit with a brace against Yeovil, but he still wants the striker to get nastier up front.

Collins poked home Joe Devera’s cross after 28 minutes to put Town two goals to the good before producing a classy finish in second-half stoppage time to cap the rout of the Glovers, but his manager was still quick to pull him up for not putting himself about enough for his teammates in between strikes.

“I’m happy but I will kick his bottom anyway because before he scored the last goal he should have worked better for the team,” he said.

“This guy is young, he can improve. He is a very generous guy because he works so hard for his teammates but the problem is after he scored the goal so early in the game for half an hour he disappeared because he thinks the job is done.

“This is typical when you are young. I have to improve him, I have to help him to show him that he has to become more nasty, more angry and think after he scores he has to work even harder. It’s not easy because he is still young.

“If you think before he scored the second goal he lost three or four balls in the middle of the field that didn’t make me have any joy.

“It was his action and not because the opponent was better in this situation.

“He has to become more strong, more nasty but I will help him.

“I’m pleased that he scored twice.”