SWINDON will not ride against Leicester in the Elite League next season after the Lions had their application to join the British top-flight rejected.

The decision was made at the BSPA’s AGM over the weekend with various parties feeling that in the current economic climate, numbers in the Elite and Premier League should be protected.

However, Leicester have been invited to apply again for the 2014 season.

Meanwhile, the Knockout Cup has been shelved for 2013 after controversy dogged this year’s competition.

Swindon were eliminated after Peterborough’s name was drawn out of a hat in a move many felt devalued the format.

The poor weather throughout the year meant that many cup fixtures were not completed until the end of the season.

BSPA chairman Alex Harkess said: “It is fair to say that the 2012 KO Cup was so adversely affected by the weather and league fixture changes that it lost momentum.

“With ever-increasing overseas rider commitments, re-staging opportunities were few as a consequence of those difficulties, and with some clubs unable to participate, the Elite League members chose to rest this competition for the time being.”

Other key decisions made at the AGM saw the points limit set to the expected mark of 42.50, while there will be a maximum of three doubling-up positions per team, with one rider named in each position.

The BSPA have also supported an initiative to stage a five-match Team GB v Australia Test Series on Premier League tracks.

The 2012 Elite League track of the year award was jointly won by King’s Lynn and Wolverhampton.