PAOLO Di Canio has embraced his inner Mexican during Movember and as long as his team keep winning he’ll let his moustache keep growing.

The Swindon Town manager has leant his support to the initiative designed to raise money for research into prostate cancer, and in doing so has cultivated facial hair of which even the most sombrero-loving, Tequila-chugging, taco-munching central American would be proud.

The Italian isn’t too keen on his appearance but, seeing as it’s coincided with an upturn in his team’s form on the pitch, he may have to get used to it.

“I’m not looking good to be honest. It’s better than the end of last season when I looked like a 60-year-old but today I look like a Mexican,” he said.

“I joined this moment because it’s important but it’s probably better not to have any pictures while it’s there.

“If we keep on winning maybe I will let it grow until the end of the season. Last year it happened the same. I decided not to shave my face for a month for my reason and then I kept going for two or three months.

“Obviously it doesn’t matter if I look bad. Fortunately I have two daughters already, I don’t have that problem any more.”