SWINDON Robins have swooped to make Nick Morris a permanent asset at Blunsdon, the Advertiser can exclusively reveal.

The 18-year-old Australian, who averaged 5.78 in 2012 riding predominantly at number two, has been signed from Glasgow Tigers by Robins boss Alun Rossiter for an undisclosed fee.

As he did this year by racing in Scunthorpe kevlars in the Premier League, Morris will double up in 2013 - with Somerset his likely destination.

Rossiter, at whose home the youngster is a lodger, was pleased to bring Morris to Swindon on a full-time basis.

“He’s coming from Glasgow to be a full-time Swindon Robins asset,” said the team manager.

“We’ve agreed an undisclosed fee with Glasgow and Nick will become a full-time Robin, but he will be doubling-up as well.

“With who at the moment I don’t know.

“The thing with Nick is he scored his points and got his average from being in the bulk of the team, he’s not done it from reserve where a lot of riders get their average up and keep it up.

“Nick’s actually done it from a very hard position at number two.

“He’s a typical Aussie, he doesn’t get fazed very easily.

“Obviously I’ve got a little bit of inside - he stays with me - but believe me, he’ll tell you, he doesn’t get any preferential treatment.

“I’m actually harder on him and he moans that I’m a bit too hard on him sometimes, there’s no favourites.

“There’s one to seven and if they’re not pulling their weight then they’ll soon get told.

“The ideal thing is to guide him in the right direction.”

Tipped for the top early on, Morris won the Queensland Under-16 Championship in 2009 and 2010, also grabbing the New South Wales Under-16 title in 2010.

He raced for Buxton and Glasgow in that year, winning the National League with the former outfit, before going on to triumph in the Premier League with Glasgow last year.

Morris completed an unlikely treble of titles in progressively higher leagues when Swindon lifted the Elite League championship in October.