Before we all break for Christmas I would like to finish this year’s column with some simple but very effective tips you can do when you play over the next few weeks...

1. Keep your balls warm!

Warmer golf balls travel further than cold ones, this is because the core of the ball gets harder when it is cold resulting in the player having to try and hit it harder to get normal distance.

Try putting a couple of balls on a radiator the night before and when you arrive at the course keep them in your pocket until it’s time to tee off. As long as you use the same make of ball during your round you can change balls in between holes so keep one in your pocket and alternate after each hole.

2. Use winter rules to your advantage When given the chance to lift clean and place you must take this opportunity.

If there is mud on the ball you must clean it because it will effect the flight the ball takes through the air and also how the club face strikes the ball.

Ground conditions are quite difficult to play from at the moment, even on the fairway so if you don't have a great lie make sure you mark your ball then place it within six inches, not nearer, the hole.

3. Keep yourself warm!

You may think I'm stating the obvious here but many golfers get cold when they are playing through the winter.

If the muscles we use in the swing are cold then this could cause unwanted injury and it will limit your swing so inconsistent shots will creep in. Make sure you wear your thermals or under armour as a base layer to insulate the body.

My biggest tip would be to invest in some winter gloves that you can play in. These will not only keep your hands warm but also give you a large amount of grip on the club.

Use mittens and hand warmers to maintain the feeling in your hands and I will guarantee your touch with the putter will remain the same as in the summer.

4. Make sure all of your spikes are in good condition This is for safety when walking on undulating parts of the course and for stability and balance in the golf swing.