THE “hostile environment” that exists at Swindon Town is not at boardroom level but in other areas of the club, according to manager Paolo Di Canio.

In his post-match interview after the 2-0 victory at Oldham on Saturday, Di Canio launched into a thinly-veiled attack on the mentality of the youth system at the County Ground and seemed to take a swipe at under 18 manager Paul Bodin.

The Italian said he could end up staying in Swindon for “many years” and if he did there would be others who would have to leave as he changed the set-up of the Robins from top to bottom as he sees fit.

However, he stressed that the “hostile environment” he referred to during an interview last week was not a description of the atmosphere between himself and the Town board.

“I’m not talking about the board. I’m talking about some other areas, that there is a very unprofessional area.

“I’m sorry that the people are sad,” he said.

“When I talk about bringing Barcelona it’s not because I want to play like Barcelona because otherwise I would contradict myself.

“Not in the way we play – the mentality.

“Dedication is not wearing a Swindon tracksuit and a cup of tea and working in the County Ground corridor.

“It’s working 24 hours, even when you are at home, and dedicating yourself for the cause.

“My mission is this one.

“If someone is not capable already, one day he will have to go.

“This is my mission if in the future I still have the chance to stay in here.

“Now I have 18 months to go but everything can happen in life.

“My future can be many years in here if I have this chance.

“Now the priority is the first team but I will change because if someone claims this club has to bring up to the first team youth players every year – maybe pick two players – Paolo Di Canio will have to decide.

“I have nothing against any one of the young players but if they are not ready, because sometimes there is not enough quality we have to be honest, we don’t have to go angry.

“Maybe they can start thinking about school more and the parents have to help them think about school.

“Someone is a good prospect but probably he wasn’t taught well.

“When you see players at Crewe at 18 they are ready as a footballer.

“If I make someone go angry it’s not my problem.

“I work for the best of the cause because I don’t have any other interests than to make this club bigger than when I came in here.

“Already I brought this club to be bigger than before.

“I am in favour of this club, not against it.

“Paolo Di Canio one day, for sure, will leave but I want to leave good memories.

“I want to win. I want to put my name in a frame.

“I don’t have to stay 20 years with a Swindon tracksuit and be a simple employee, with all respect.

“I don’t wear a Swindon tracksuit with a cup of tea, I wear casual and I stay 24 hours working my brain to think how to do the best job for this club.”