PAOLO Di Canio does not feel as though he has been misquoted by the local press, stressing he has a “very good relationship” with Swindon’s media.

Earlier this week, Swindon Town chairman Sir William Patey suggested that what the Robins boss had said in recent interviews had been taken out of context in print but Di Canio denied this was the case yesterday, saying the message he wanted to put across was “very clear”.

The Italian did mention that he felt the negative aspects of some stories have been picked out and highlighted but otherwise he remains happy with how his words have been relayed.

“I have a clear relationship with the media in general but with you more often. Every time you said something about my words or the article that went out it was absolutely perfect and the message was clear in the way I wanted it to go out,” he said.

“I have a very good relationship in this manner. Everybody has got his opinion and sometimes my criticism you can take in two ways.

“If you make a simple criticism, and you don’t explain what you want to do to improve, it’s negative. When I explain why, it’s your decision to write down and point the attention to the negative - but you never changed my words so the message went out clearly.”

Di Canio also pointed out that intimations by Patey that he can become overly emotional after successive defeats were a little wide of the mark.

“He said for example I can be frustrated after two defeats and I can be more angry and say something I don’t want to say. It’s not the case,” he said.

“Even if he tries to help me it is a criticism in some way because it looks like I can’t handle the pressure. I don’t feel the pressure or I feel the pressure all the time - if I win 10 games in a row or lose 10 games in a row.

“My character and my knowledge give me the opportunity to feel strong, even if I lose 10 games in a row, and work harder to improve. But because I feel sure about myself I feel more pressure.

“It’s not a criticism of him. It’s difficult to know each other and send out the right message. My English is not good and in some way he said I don’t communicate well.

“It’s true my English is not perfect but in terms of communication, my body language that I use and when I miss some words or some verbs, the sentence might not be clear but the message is.

“It’s more important to have a better communication but miss some words than have perfect English and don’t say anything.”

The Town manager and his chairman spoke over the phone on Monday and Di Canio was pleased with the outcome.

He said: “It was a fantastic and positive conversation but I don’t agree with some things he said in terms of being misquoted, about the pressure.

“I’m not a stupid guy. I understand everything if you go out and want to send a different message than what I said to you. There is not this problem, especially in here.

“The finger was pointing to the negative but this is a strategy that the media has and we have to respect. If you send out a wrong message that I want to go out in this manner, that was completely wrong I would come back and say now you give me the chance to clarify.

“No chance, I never had this feeling.”