FOR most people, Christmas is a time to wrap up warm and enjoy a hearty roast turkey with all the trimmings away from the chill of the outside.

But Swindon’s European Tour star David Howell is not most people.

Having finished tournament golf for the year, the Broome Manor pro has headed back to his winter home in Dubai and can now put his feet up ahead of December 25.

And as the former Ryder Cup man explains, his Christmas Day largely does not fit in with British conventional ideals.

“I’m in Dubai over the new year and Christmas - I have a month off to build up to the middle east spring,” he said.

“It’s pretty different. On Christmas Day we’re going to be out on the beach having a brunch which they do in Dubai, with a bunch of friends which is something we’ve been doing for a few years.

“That’s very different to a Swindon or an England Christmas, but it’s nice to spend it with friends and we’ve got my brother coming over for new year.

“It’s got a very different feel to a British Christmas, but we’re spending it with a load of Brits so it’s nice in its own way.

“It’s the same bunch of us and it’s nice when you’re an expat - as we are in the winter - because everyone’s in the same boat.

“Most people don’t have a lot of family with them and it’s quite a nice way to spend Christmas. We enjoy it.”