NEW Robins reserve Ashley Birks is busy revamping his equipment as he prepares to make his Elite League debut next season.

The Yorkshireman has been signed to ride at reserve for the Robins alongside Pole Kacper Gomolski in 2013, having won the Premier League title alongside Nick Morris at Scunthorpe last season.

Birks is currently working to prepare his bikes for the step-up in class, and has recently received a delivery of new clutches which he hopes will see him leap out of the start when the season comes around in March.

“The bikes are all going to be brand new and upgraded, and we are starting again which is going to be good for me,” he said.

“I have been using Jawa clutches for a while and have now switched to NEB, and now we think we can progress onto NEB and make some moves forward on them.

“I don’t think it is something I needed to do to be honest, it is more something I wanted to do because we want to start the season well.

“But you can mind boggle yourself, so as I get more money in and the sponsors continue to help out I am spending more time and money on my equipment.”

Birks also returned to the bike last week after a short break, and was pleased with the way things went at Scunthorpe’s Eddie Wright Raceway.

“I rode last week and did a few laps, but the track wasn’t all that good,” he said.

“I have built a decent practice bike too so it should all go well, and I am also riding in a Christmas meeting at Somerset as well as a short-track meeting so it should be good.

“I just can’t wait for the season to start now and I want to get going with Swindon.”