WILDCATS forward Loris Taylor says he wouldn't hesitate to step in for a teammate again no matter what time is on the clock.

The 19-year-old stuck up for Stevie Whitfield in the final minute of the 7-3 EPL victory over Peterborough on Boxing Day.

And while the Swindon man admitted it was an unusual time to trade punches with Joe Graham, he insists it was the right thing to do, a decision vindicated by the roar of approval he received from the supporters after the final buzzer.

“You shouldn't really be fighting with 30 seconds left, but if you see a teammate go down after getting a stupid hit from behind then that's different,” said Taylor, man of the match against the Phantoms.

“You shouldn't be hitting anyone from behind no matter what time of the game it is. I had a choice but in my mind there were no questions asked really.

“If a teammate gets hit from behind then you stick up for them because if someone does that, they should know they are going to have a fight on their hands.”

Taylor and Swindon now turn their attentions to another home clash tonight, with Guildford the visitors (7.45pm).

Ryan Aldridge's troops are targeting their fifth straight win against a high-flying side they have already beaten on two occasions this term.

Taylor admitted that the Flames have superb points-scoring power in the likes of Curtis Huppe and David Longstaff, but added that Swindon have the tools to cope.

He said: “They have got Longstaff and Huppe scoring for them, but then if you look at us we're the same, we've got Aaron (Nell) and Hoogy (Jonas Hoog) - a top Brit and a top import.

“Our team defence before Christmas has been solid and that's what has kept us in quite a few games, as well as scoring goals.

“(Against Peterborough) we were a bit lazy I guess, but coming back from Christmas you kind of expect it. Hopefully the team defence will be there and then all we have to do is score goals, which we can do as we've done it against them.”

Swindon skipper Nell is confident that Wildcats have what it takes to clock up a third win out of three against the Flames.

He said: “We played our best hockey this season against Guildford, so I think we'll be fine on Friday.

“We've just got to play hard and defend well like we have done against them all year.

“In two games we've beaten them twice and we know what we have to do against them, so we'll try and do that again.”