Dear all, .

I won't be updating the league tables until after the Carlisle game but I will add in all of the points scorers below.

Given the status of the league I can also award the points for 3 of the remaining 4 Special Bonus Questions as Swindon are guaranteed to be in their current position come Saturday evening, the 1st to 24th points won't change and we have our Hat-Trick answer as well…..points all over the place.

…except for dopey me who changed from 5-0 (for 10pts) to 6-0 at the last minute on Saturday…..did the same with my bet as well - Hey Hoh! :-) .

Answers were as follows: 1) Correct Score: Swindon Town 5 - 0 Portsmouth.

2) Total Attendance: 11,381.

3) First Swindon Goalscorer AND Time of the goal: Collins on 61mins.

4) Number of Corners: 9.

5) Time of last Substitute: 86mins.


Match Bonus Questions:.

A) Total Goals in all New Years Day fixtures - Top 4 English leagues: 113.

B) Time of the last Corner: 90mins.

C) Number of Away Fans: 1,504.


Well done to all and here's to another 3pts on Saturday….whilst it will be a tougher proposition I'm sure they're not relishing playing us at this point in time.

Cheers all"