IT WAS a great way to see in 2013 wasn’t it?

A second successive 5-0 home win and a fabulous individual goalscoring display.

James Collins will now be bracketed with Duncan Shearer as the last two Town players to hit four goals in a game, that’s some company to keep.

If I remember correctly, on that day at Home Park Shearer also had one disallowed in a totally dominant Town display.

‘Big Dunc’ also got off to a rather slow start to his Swindon career in terms of goals before becoming a genuine County Ground legend. Perhaps, then, strikers don’t always fire straight away.

So maybe we’ve yet to see the best of Mr Collins in front of goal. Another example of course is a certain Norwegian called Fjortoft.

Remember him?

He couldn’t buy a goal before Christmas in the Premiership, then couldn’t stop finding the back of the net.

One thing’s for sure, we saw a forward with a genuine desire to attack the ball in the penalty area on Tuesday.

A classic centre forward’s display. Long may it continue.

So all good then?

Well it appears once again there are rumours about the future of our club. Ironically we saw a team on New Year’s Day who’d been through several ringers and are just about hanging on.

For all that the Pompey fans were superb, except that confounded drum, and were a real example of never giving up on your side.

Is it too much to ask that we can enjoy this wonderful moment in our history without worrying about what’s around the corner?

I have the greatest admiration for those who saved Swindon Town and have continued to back it.

Thank you. What we need right now though, RIGHT NOW, is a clear statement of intent to see this thing through.

There’s talk of looking for new investors, which is fine, but please tell us there are no bombshells around the Magic Roundabout. We need and deserve that reassurance.

We love and follow our club through thick and sometimes very thin.

Again Mr Black I thank you for what you’ve done but can we have a definitive statement about the future?

That’s all that’s needed and then we can get back to the thing we all want, cheering the Town to the Championship.