SIMON Ferry has said that a meeting with manager Paolo Di Canio helped ease the Swindon Town players’ fears following the mention of financial problems at the County Ground.

Reports last Thursday suggested that the Robins’ board had considered putting the club into administration should a new owner not be found in the immediate future, creating a brief panic around SN1.

It quickly emerged, however, that majority shareholder Andrew Black - who is looking to sell a large chunk of his 98 per cent stake in Town - will avoid that eventuality at all costs, and the Swindon squad was informed of that in a briefing with their boss last week.

Ferry, who by his own admission knows little about what would happen should the club be put into administration, stressed that Di Canio’s words put the players’ minds at rest.

“We had a chat with the gaffer and he basically told us what was happening. To be honest the boys never really spoke about it,” he said.

“It’s not really something any of the boys have been in, administration, so nobody really knows what happens.We never really thought about it.

“I think it was mentioned for the first day it came out and then we never really talked about it, nothing was said.”

Ferry recognised the role he and his teammates can play in the sale of the club, however, as Town look to present the most marketable product possible to potential investors.

“We know the club is for sale and if we keep doing well then there are going to be people wanting to buy the club, so it’s up to us really to keep doing well,” he said.

“If we can keep going well and maybe have the chance of being in the Championship next year, it’s a good club and good people and I’m sure there’ll be potential new owners.

“We know how well we’re playing just now. We’ve got a lot of important games coming up, we’ve got a lot of the big teams away so to be honest I don’t think players really think about what’s going on outside the club.

“We just think about what’s happening on the pitch and what we can do there.”