AFTER an initial 24 hours of questions and confusion, Alan McCormack has revealed that the A-word has not been mentioned by a single member of the Swindon Town squad since.

Reports last Thursday suggested the Swindon board have talked about the possibility of entering administration, if a buyer was not found for a large chunk of majority shareholder Andrew Black’s 98 per cent stake in the club.

That word has such poignancy within football that the Robins squad wanted to quickly establish what was going on.

However, once the situation was made clear to the players McCormack stressed that the topic was banished from conversation.

“The first day it came out there were a lot of lads asking questions and I had a lot of texts from the boys and I sent a lot of texts to people at the club asking what’s going on,” said the Town skipper.

“You’re going to have that, no matter what line of work you’re in, if you hear the club or your job could be going into administration that means job losses.

“For footballers it’s not the same but it’s a point deduction and maybe a drop in wages, and especially with people with families it will play on your mind.

“We all know the real situation that’s going on with the club - it’s a selling of the club that came out and the worst possible scenario, which is a long, long way away, is administration.

“The lads haven’t mentioned it since that day and I don’t think we’re really bothered.

“We’re safe in our contracts, we’re happy with our contracts and we know that they’ll be fulfilled.

“It’s a matter of doing what we do best and that’s on the pitch.”