SIMON Ferry is keen to sort out his Swindon Town future as soon as possible, for the sake of his son Frankie.

The midfielder is out of contract at the end of the current campaign and no discussions have yet begun regarding a possible extension of his County Ground contract.

If this had been the scenario 12 months ago Ferry, by his own admission, would not have been as bothered by the prospect of being without a club in the summer - but after becoming a parent for the first time in August he has started to take a different view on life.

Still, given the current state of affairs at boardroom level in SN1, with a new owner being chased to replace Andrew Black, the playmaker is happy to accept that a resolution to his personal circumstances may have to wait.

“I signed a three-year and that’s up at the end of the season but nothing has been said while the games are going on, and there are more important things with people trying to buy and sell the club,” he said.

“That’s more important than my contract so nothing’s been said, I’m concentrating on the games.

“It’s an important time of season, we’ve got a lot of games and I’m just looking at that.

“Maybe a couple of years ago I wouldn’t have thought about that but now I’ve got family and that it’s in the back of your head.

“Obviously you want to know what’s happening, but there are more important things happening now with the club than me.

“Hopefully something will get sorted after the club gets bought, then maybe we’ll sit down and talk.

“But as of now nothing’s been said.

“I’m playing for (Frankie) now, everything is for him, so I don’t really want to be going into the summer not really knowing what’s happening.

“Hopefully something can get sorted before then.

“Last year I probably didn’t have a care in the world to be honest with you.

“I didn’t think too much of things, but now with a kid you’ve got to look after him and his life to pan out so you’ve got to do as well as you can for him.”

After six months of changing nappies and being woken in the early hours, Ferry has become acclimated to life as a dad, and he claims to be dealing with it pretty well.

“It’s a lot of responsibility, I don’t get as much sleep as I used to but I’m used to it now and I feel he’s coming on great,” he said “I’m not strict, my missus is quite strict but I let him do stupid things.”