WOOTTON Bassett’s hopes of securing an instant return to the West of England Premier League have been bolstered by the news Sam Lawro will remain with the club in 2013.

Following Bassett’s relegation to the Wiltshire League speculation was rife that the talented all-rounder, who averages a little under 32 with the bat and a shade over 25 with the ball in his league career, could be off to pastures new.

However, Lawro has now stated his intention to stay with the club where he is viewed as “an institution”, according to captain Darren Beasant, and Rylands Way will get to see the feather in their cap in action for another term.

Beasant said: “Sam Lawro is one people talk about but Sam’s actually decided he’s going to commit to the club, for a couple of reasons.

“One is he feels he owes the club a year. He’s bought into what we’ve talked about trying to achieve next year and beyond next year and I think he’s going abroad early in the year so, having missed what will be the first month of the season, he didn’t see it the right time to go and try to establish himself anywhere else.

“Sam bowls very well as well but more importantly he’s a big part of the club. You get these kinds of guys - whether it’s Ben Head at Marlborough or Will Nichols at Swindon - that probably should and could have gone off and played some higher cricket. Sam is an institution at Wootton Bassett and to have him through the year will be a big fillip for people.

“Other people at the club will probably look at it and think ‘if you’ve managed to convince Sam then that’s a good step in going about achieving what you’re trying to achieve’.”

Beasant is hopeful of hanging on to feisty paceman Dan Ellis, and is otherwise confident that Bassett will not experience any major departures this winter.

“There’s another lad, Dan Ellis who’s a very talented left arm seamer who is a bit undecided,” he said. “But Dan aside everyone is fully committed to this year.”