WE LIVE in an ever changing world. Just when you get used to something it’s moved on, been adapted or upgraded. So it is in the game called football.

The days when a club would be run by the same people or persons for many years are long gone.

It would often be the case that the local dignitary would also be in charge of the town team.

Now though it can be multi-billionaires from Russia, the Middle East, United States or India. That begs the question, do they have the same feeling for the club as that local dignitary from years ago.

I guess the answer is yes if they’re prepared to pump their millions into it.

Quite rightly they demand more than a half-time whiskey and plate of sandwiches.

That leads to increased pressure on everyone to achieve success and if they don't then more changes happen.

I write this as our club stands on the brink of a new era.

A consortium is about to take charge. As fans, we’re bound to feel a tad uncertain about what’s going to happen.

At Tuesday night’s game rumours started to circulate. The name Jed McCrory became the topic of conversation.

As the Town battled, the wind howled and the rain lashed, at the back of our minds was the future of the team we were watching.

Does this consortium have the best interests of STFC at heart? Does it have the money to keep the club progressing?

Will it be able to keep PDC happy? Will the spectre of financial wolves be kept from the County Ground door?

All these questions will only get answered in the coming weeks and months. I’m sure that the group is well aware of the pitfalls running a football club can bring.

I hope those pitfalls aren’t too big as it appears Swindon Town has been run pretty well of late.

As I wrote last week, all we can hope for is that they think of Swindon Town first, last and in the middle.

The work done by the previous owners in getting us to where we are has been nothing short of sensational.

They deserve much credit and thanks, but now that ever changing world has changed again.

We wish the new owners well and will always back our team. Here’s to that ever changing world not changing again for a while.