CAN there ever be a better time to go to the County Ground than this Saturday?

There are cheap tickets available, the team is two points off the top and there may, just may, be news of a takeover being completed.

In times of uncertainty it appears fans can be bound together. It’s been a strange few days.

While we’re not sure things are progressing in a positive way it makes us very nervous about the future. We’ve been in so many troughs in our club’s history we’d just like it to be settled once and for all.

What is certain, though, is that we have a squad on the verge of great things. In spite of all the problems here they sit, having won on a dirty night at Colchester, right in the promotion mix. What is also clear is that the supporters of this club care deeply about it. Over 330 of them travelled to Essex to help the team in any way they could.

That in anyone’s book is a fantastic effort and surely appreciated by PDC.

The reward? Another article in another national newspaper telling us what’s about to happen at the County Ground.

If anyone knows what’s going to happen it’s the people involved in buying Swindon Town. Rather than spend their time on the important matter of finalising the deal, they’re having to fend off reports about what they’re going to do when in charge.

Of course things go quiet when takeovers happen. Surely you’re happier that the Football League take their time in giving approval rather than rush?

How many times have fans of clubs like Portsmouth been given false hope by fatted cows only for it to be taken away again in a queue of disgruntled creditors?

Who knows what will happen when the dust settles. It’s clear the vast majority of Town fans want our manager to stay and get us into the Championship. Remember, it’s an unsettling time too for Paolo Di Canio and his squad.

Fingers crossed all is clear by Saturday.

We can pack the dear old CG to its rafters and possibly be top of League One by five o’clock. If that’s not enough to get out to SN1, I don’t know what is.