MARTIN Sell made one of his early forays into Challenge Tour golf at the Kenya Open and today he tees off there as a full-time member of the circuit.

The Swindonian was invited to play at Karen Country Club in 2008 but did not make the cut after finishing on eight-over, and he will be hoping the next few days will yield something better.

“I had not long turned pro and I missed the cut by a couple of shots, but it was a good experience,” said Sell.

“I only remember a few of the holes, but I’m sure it will come back. From what I remember it was quite a nice golf course.

“The greens will be pretty grainy and the grass is quite strong.

“I don’t remember it being overly tight so I think you can get away with a few errant shots. Hopefully I can have a good week this time.”

A former pupil at New College, Sell earned his place on the tour following his exploits at Q School in Spain in November.

The Challenge circuit began two weeks ago at the Kensville Challenge in India, a tournament the 33-year-old Wrag Barn man missed as he felt he had not practised enough following a back injury.

But now he has had plenty of time to put valuable hours in with his coach Matt Woods at Donnington Grove and is upbeat about the task ahead.

“Q School was a good week and as much as anything it gave me the confidence that I can mix it at the very top level,” he said.

“I think maybe that is partly about switching coach in the last couple of years, I’ve seen my game become more consistent.

“I didn’t feel I was out of place whereas in previous years maybe I used to look around the range too much.

“I knew I was good enough, but I think I just got a bit distracted.

“This time I was aware I was there to do a job and it didn’t matter who was there.”

If Sell finishes in the top 15 of the Challenge Tour this year he will earn a card for the main circuit in 2014, and European Tour pro David Howell feels his fellow Swindonian has a good chance of achieving that.

“Martin is a really good player and I’m pleased he’s managed to jump up a level,” said Howell.

“He has shown great perseverance to get to this point and this is where the work starts.

“There are plenty of decent players on the Challenge Tour who have either lost their way or are working their way up.

“I’m sure he’s got a great chance but it will be a big learning curve for him. I’m sure he’s more than capable of doing it.”