SWINDON Fightclub continues to get bigger and bigger as it returns for a fourth show to celebrate its one-year anniversary.

The third edition of Fightclub sold out Swindon MECA in December, and is back at the same venue on February 23 for a night of boxing including the Ultimate Non-Professional Boxing title bout between Phil Williams and Jose Mantinan.

Sean Harper, one of the men behind Fightclub, believes the product is going to continue to grow, and is looking more and more professional with every show.

“It’s getting bigger with every show we do, and it is great to now be at our one-year anniversary,” he said.

“We are pushing our attendance records with every show, and according to the internet we have broken the attendance record for white collar boxing.

“I think since we have been going to the MECA I think they have picked up a lot of pace too, and there seems to be a lot more going on there now so I think it has been good for everyone.

“The first one was put together really after we saw some serious mis-matches at other white collar events.

“We wanted to make it as evenly matched as possible, and avoid that at all costs.

“We offer help and we offer training and it keeps all the local gyms busy. We have a qualified physio too, so anyone who has any problems can go to them free of charge to get the help they need.

“There is a lot of work being put into it by a lot of people.”

Harper also believes Fightclub offers prospective fighters something to focus on, and can also offer a second chance to those who need it.

“There are different people from different walks of life with different stories, and we try to give everyone an opportunity to get into some training,” he said.

“We try to give the fighters a second chance because we get a lot of people who come from rough backgrounds and have had some problems, and we give them a chance.

“As long as they are straight with us then they will be fine, and all we are interested in is them wanting to box.

“As long as they are eligible to fight and healthy and happy to do it we are pleased, and without getting too deep and cheesy it has helped people turn their lives around.

“We don’t go into too much detail with them, it’s all about the boxing.”

Tickets cost £20 or £40 VIP, and can be bought from any of the boxers, by calling Ticketline on 08448221737, or by logging onto www.swindontickets.co.uk.