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Live webchat with Swindon and GB boss Alun Rossiter

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    Rosco answers your questions from 7pm
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kibbutz94 10:04am Fri 24 Jan 14
Alun, thanks for all your hard work and for the success you've brought the Robins. After 30+ years following the Robins, 2012 was a success long overdue and in large part down to you. Hopefully you will continue to be the heart and soul of the club for many years. Congrats on the GB job also. Enough compliments for now :-), what is the strategy behind doubling up and where do you see it heading in the future? It appears to be a sticking plaster for the shortage of riders and seems to be creating more problems than its worth e.g. Nick, Jason D, Ashley etc. Thanks, Andrew
Score: 1
StillPav 3:42pm Fri 24 Jan 14
Has the new heat format been agreed and if so when will it be made available? What new rules changes are being made to facilitate the juniors at reserve?
Score: 2
Fourmarks 3:46pm Fri 24 Jan 14
What's your honest opinion of Matt Ford's methods?
Score: 1
tommieson 5:33pm Fri 24 Jan 14
Alun Can I ask what is your favourite cheese ?
Score: 1
ludlow123 6:19pm Fri 24 Jan 14
what new rules changes for the reserves
Score: 0
deano... 7:05pm Fri 24 Jan 14
Is the situation with nick morris ok now?we all want nick to ride for us but it wouldnt work if hes at the club when he doesnt really want to be.
Score: 0
deano... 7:15pm Fri 24 Jan 14
Will the abbey have a different track man so we can sort out some kind of home advantage there use to be 2 tracks in 1 a few years back ripped up on the outside which was quite deep and smooth on the inside
Score: 0
ludlow123 6:59pm Fri 24 Jan 14
whey didn't you sign Jason Doyle
Score: 0
UsernameSTFC 7:03pm Fri 24 Jan 14
Favorite cheese?
Score: 0
L&JA 7:19pm Fri 24 Jan 14
congratulations on your G B appointment Alan- thoroughly deserved. It all looks pretty good for the new season for all the robins fans-BUT as you know , all fans like to watch their speedway on the "telly" is their any news on who will be showing ELITE LEAGUE speedway this coming season?
Score: 0
StillPav 7:21pm Fri 24 Jan 14
Are the club planning on having a Fans Forum before the start of the season?
Score: 0
deano... 7:41pm Fri 24 Jan 14
I can see klindt being a good signing is he up for the challenge ahead ive heard hes got alot of machinery this season.but with the signing of klindt there is alot of presure on our 3rd heat leader do you agree?
Score: 0
ludlow123 7:45pm Fri 24 Jan 14
being two reserve races how many heats
Score: 0
StillPav 8:06pm Fri 24 Jan 14
Is the club still jointly owned by Gary and Terry?
Score: 0
speedwaytrucker 8:14pm Fri 24 Jan 14
i think they should bring back the golden helmet match race for an extra bit of entertainment what do you think?
Score: 0
archeroo 8:14pm Fri 24 Jan 14
Is it possible the club could organise track days at the abbey for supporters to have a go and possibly raise a few quid plus allow the kids to get interested?
Score: 0
tommieson 8:20pm Fri 24 Jan 14
Alun you mentioned cheese earlier do you prefer it in a roll or on a cracker ?
Score: 0

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