SO WHAT’S the alternative?

Monday's penalty shoot-out ‘defeat’ to Peterborough was another in the catalogue of Swindon/England disappointments.

Don't know about you but when these things are about to take place, there's a sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach. A feeling of the inevitable. It always seems to happen, be it World Cups, European Championships, FA Cup or JPT, the empty feeling as you walk away from the stadium or switch off the TV.

On the journey back to Devon on Monday night via yet another roadwork closure at Bristol (when will THAT ever end) I mused on how else a game might be decided.

In years gone by it was the toss of a coin. The two captains in the middle of the pitch with the referee. I can imagine the analysis now can't you? The advice from the pundits and us the fans on how to flip the 50p piece. The endless replays of how gravity pulls the spinning disc to the ground and the look of despair when it falls the wrong way.

The ‘away goals rule’ is another way of deciding it. Seems odd to me that it doesn't apply in the JPT area finals. That's not being written just because we would have gone though had it been in force. It just rewards the side that scores more in the away leg encouraging attacking football. Simple really.

In six-a-sides the number of corners comes into play. Reasonable I suppose. Again it promotes the positive.

Don't suppose the rules will change though and I don't remember worrying about it on a balmy South London night at Charlton a few years back. Any suggestions?

Two Wembley visits denied by 12 yard mishaps, remember Brentford?

What's the alternative?