PADDY Fitzpatrick says being involved in one of the biggest British sporting events of all time does little to excite him and claims Froch-Groves II could happen in his Rodbourne Road gym for all he cares.

London’s Wembley Stadium was confirmed on Tuesday as the venue for the hugely-anticipated rematch between Carl Froch and Fitzpatrick’s boxer George Groves and, with around 80,000 people set to attend, the super-middleweight world title showdown is set to break British stadium records.

But being part of an historic night at the national stadium means little to Fitzpatrick, who trains Londoner Groves, and the Swindon trainer says his job remains the same where ever the fight takes place on May 31.

“It makes no difference whether the fight is in front of 80,000, 8,000 or in my gym because my satisfaction comes out of preparing and developing a fighter.

“As soon as I get excited about a fight I think I will be losing it a bit. There is no emotional connection.

“Just because the scale of the event is grand doesn’t mean the buzz or drive I have is any greater.

“The only difference with George Groves [compared to the other guys in my gym] is that I have someone capable of doing everything I ask at this precise moment.”

Fitzpatrick admits his boxer is pleased to be fighting in his home city but claims Groves doesn’t need home advantage to steal Froch’s IBF and WBA world titles.

“It’s a nice big stadium in London where George is from and where Carl Froch doesn’t want it,” said Fitzpatrick.

“I walked into George’s gym on Tuesday and he was just smiling. I said: ‘It’s at Wembley isn’t it?’ and George said: ‘I’m going to Wembley’. Then we just got on with training and didn’t say another word about it.

“It doesn’t make any advantage to George because he doesn’t need that type of advantage. “Being booed into the ring at Manchester (in the first fight in November) would have been a disadvantage but it didn’t bother him.

“It will have a negative effect on Carl because I see him as a confidence individual.

“He is ballsy but he needs the love of the people. Now he is going into a fight where he has lost support because George has gained support after the last fight.

“Carl will get a very different reception than last time.

“For George, I can honestly say he doesn’t care (where the fight is held). If 80,000 booed us in he would just get on with it.

“It will be nice to be in Wembley. George is happy because it is in London where more of his home base of fans can be there but that’s it.

“That’s round two to George. Round one was when George made Carl fight him by going to the IBF and they said to fight George or move on.”