PADDY Fitzpatrick says Carl Froch would have “kissed” promoter Eddie Hearn if his rematch with George Groves had been staged in Nottingham.

Wembley Stadium is the venue for the British super fight, which has already broken all boxing attendance records in the UK and will earn both boxers a small fortune.

However, Swindon’s Fitzpatrick, who trains challenger Groves, claims IBF and WBA super-middleweight champion Froch would have taken a purse cut for the fight to be staged in his home city of Nottingham.

“He would have been over the moon [to have the fight in Nottingham],” Fitzpatrick told the Swindon Advertiser. “He would have kissed Eddie Hearn in French, he would have been that happy.

“He told Eddie Hearn he did not want to go back to Manchester because ‘they booed me out of the ring’. You’re joking me, so [Carl] you are not going to go back to Manchester, where the venue is 75,000, because the people booed you out of the ring?

“So, he [Carl] either thinks he is so grand, such an international superstar that he doesn’t deserve to be booed and how dare they, or he is just too insecure to be around people boooing him.

“He didn’t want to do Manchester, well he ended up in London, George’s home town.

“He was willing to give up the income of 30,000 people and he can say what he wants now but anyone that wants to spend two seconds reading his reports now, take another two seconds to read his reports from before, he wanted Nottingham. He wanted it there. Let’s go back to straight after the last fight, he wanted Nottingham.

“He was willing to give up the income of an extra 30,000 people for comfort. He was willing to pay by fact of losing that income, pay the loss of 30,000 people for comfort that night. That’s a huge deal. He is a very insecure man.”

Fitzpatrick also expects fighting at Wembley to have a huge pyschological effect on the world champion on fight night.

He added: “He is going into the biggest fight of his life. Leading up to the first fight people were saying this is a big pay per view fight and Carl has been here many times and how is George going to react.

“But it’s like ‘come on man why can’t you just do your homework?’ Carl had done just one pay per view fight before and it was the fight just before against Kessler. George, in front of 20,000 people, had done a pay per view fight in his 11th fight and against a fellow Brit who had the crowd on his side. George was already used to those emotions.

“This is the biggest fight of both of their lives and not one of them will know what it is going to feel like until 80,000 people are shouting on the back of their necks walking into the ring. Then it will all hit home to both men.

“If Carl Froch did not want to go back to Manchester because he would get booed then he is in a whole heap of trouble when he walks onto London soil and he thinks he is going to get a big reception.

“George will get booed too but I tell you what, let’s split the crowd, Carl Froch will still have 40,000 people booing him and that is twice as much as he did in the first fight.

“Not only that, he won’t have the comforts leading into that last week he did into that last fight. Surrounded by London men, all these things that mean nothing to George will mean a big deal to Carl.”