STEVIE Lyle has thanked Wildcats fans for their support this season and says their backing from the stands can help Swindon through their play-off battle with Milton Keynes.

Wildcats are hoping for another near capacity Link Centre tonight as they look to make home advanatge count before travelling to Coventry for the return fixture on Sunday.

The last time Cats made an appearance at the post-season semi-final’s day was in 2010 but coming into Saturday they are on a seven game unbeaten run, giving them the form to end their four-year wait for a return.

Lyle told the Advertiser that he had a message for the fans ahead of the the big night at the Link: “I just want to say thanks for the support for the whole season and hopefully we can pay that back.

“The fans been great all year to be honest, that helps us out. I spoke to Steve Nell and he said Saturday will be the same as last week and it should be packed (at the Link) again.

“The more people you play in front of the more we get excited about the game, especially the young guys.”

Wildcats are a big draw most Saturdays in Swindon during the season and Lyle thinks that strong home support has been crucial in pushing them into the play-offs.

“I think it’s obvious that we’ve got a better home record than away, it suits us to be at home first. We’re kind of more in form so to speak and hopefully we can get a head start.”

Wildcats quarter-final opponents Milton Keynes will not have those same home comforts on Sunday. The Milton Keynes Thunderdome is being renovated forcing the Lightning to play their home games in Coventry, also the venue of next weekend’s season finale.

Though diehard supporters will make the journey up the M1, Lyle does think that by not playing in their home town Lightning will not benefit from the same advantages that Cats do at the Link.

“They’re having to travel to every game at the weekend, so for themselves it probably doesn’t even feel like they’re every playing at home.”