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SPEEDWAY LIVE: Swindon Robins v Coventry Bees

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Swindon Advertiser: Photograph of the Author

Andy Warren, Deputy sports editor, awarren@swindonadvertiser.co.uk, @AndyWarren_

    RESULT: Swindon Robins 26 Coventry Bees 36 after heat 10
  • ROBINS: Peter Kildemand (3-R-1) 4; Nicolai Klindt (0-1-0) 1; Bjarne Pedersen (guest) (3-2-4^) 9+1; Simon Gustafsson (R-1'-3) 4+1; Nick Morris (0-3) 3; Darryl Ritchings (FX) 0; Steve Worrall (1-1-0-3) 5.
  • BEES: Hans Andersen (2-FX) 2; Ryan Fisher (1'-3-1) 5+1; Kenneth Hansen (1'-2-0-2') 5+2; Kyle Howarth (1'-2'-2) 3+2; Cameron Woodward (guest) (2-3-3) 8; Jason Garrity (3-3-2) 8; James Sarjeant (2'-2'-1') 5+3.
  • Purton's Darryl Ritchings taken to hospital following big heat two crash.
  • Rain cuts the meeting to 10 heats.


mikeinwanborough 4:29pm Thu 3 Apr 14
Looking forward to seeing the Robins at Blunsdon for the first time this season. Shame we are without Troy, but think Bjarne is a good replacement. Robins top five should have too much fire power for the Bees, and expect the reserves to outscore their counterparts, so looking for a 10 point plus win for the Robins. Tonight's big question - how many times will Ryan Fisher hit the deck in his four programmed rides. I'm saying twice!
Score: 1
Di kanny oh 5:36pm Thu 3 Apr 14
Come on Adver where is Morris??
Score: 0
gruntfuttocks 6:45pm Thu 3 Apr 14
Swindon 40 Coventry 50.
Score: -2
morris 1 7:08pm Thu 3 Apr 14
Good Evening Di Kanny I am here (not well at present) . Welcome to the new speedway season - if it takes off tonight ? A warm welcome to Bjarne I am sure he will try his hardest for us tonight, and no doubt Hans will be up to mischief tonight.? Good luck lads, just do your best - PMA needed positive mental attitude. Losing at home is not an option I predict a win of 8 or more - will catch up later, keep me posted. Rossiter I expect a good team talking before and during the meeting with the lads.
Score: 0
Di kanny oh 10:51pm Thu 3 Apr 14
Got to be one of the worst speedway meetings I have seen in years. Ok the young lad Ritchings crashed and was injured but then events deteriorated just like the weather. Why is this day and age we the paying fans have to wait in the rain for an injured rider to be moved to another ambulance which seemed to take an eternity when we could all see the weather getting worse as time ticked by. Roscoe has his work cut out with Klindt who clearly looks way off the pace and at times looked like the novices who easily beat Klindt anyway..I was bored out of my skull and it seemed the team had little fight and when Gustafsson beat Pedersen who had a black and white on this just about summed it up. Come on Roscoe do you talk to the riders. Result should stand as Coventry where far better than us and would had won easily and deserved it. I would be hoping for much more effort next match otherwise its not worth the £17.
Score: 1
morris 1 11:00pm Thu 3 Apr 14
Good comment Di Kanny, funny how the first meeting at home was cancelled to expected rain - if Rosco had looked at the weather forecast for today he could have called this off at lunch time. Lets hope he don't keep the useless riders longer than necessary as he has done in the past !!
Score: 0
wickite 12:38am Fri 4 Apr 14
A desperate night for speedway, so sad in so many aspects. It was obvious when the accident in heat 2 halted proceedings for 40 mins that the meeting was unlikely to be completed. It was obvious when Rosco decided to try to halt the meeting before heat 10 that the opposing manager would be against it. It was also obvious that yet again the sport of speedway would suffer. The 'people' who decided to run heat 10 and then call the meeting off for visibility reasons need to ask themselves if that was a great decision. Was visibility worse in heat 9 than 10? No, but coincidentally the conclusion of heat 10 meany the result stands. A former world champ allowing riders to risk their lives for 4 points at the very start of the season sums speedway up - amateur! I know people are going to say about referee and clerk of the course, but if both managers agree its match over. I dont think the people who decided to race heat 10, if a rider had perished or been badly injured realise, how bad that decision could have been - not just on the night, but for SPEEDWAY!
Score: 1
Captain Roo 7:20am Fri 4 Apr 14
Reading that Rosco says we can take some positives from the Coventry meeting on the Robins website. Wrong very very wrong there were no positives to be taken from this meeting. The perfomance, the fact that Rosco waited 'till heat nine to question the conditions. What did he think Gary Havelock was going to say "ok lets call it off" knowing that he only has to put two riders out in heat 10 to win the meeting.
Score: 1

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