JOHN Fisher was down in dumps after Highworth’s 3-0 defeat at Highmoor Ibis on Saturday.

The battle between the two sides fourth and fifth in the Hellenic Premier table should have been a lot closer.

Three pieces of poor defending from Highworth meant that the home side were able to canter out to 3-0 by half-time, a lead that the Worthians never looked like denting.

An early free-kick after a needless foul gave Mitch Parker an invitiation that he didn’t turn down.

Another mindless challenge from Highworth gave Parker an even more presentable chance from the penalty spot, again the Highmoor man converted.

Parker was able to get his and Highmoor’s third before the break following another set-piece that Fisher’s side failed to deal with.

The abject nature of Highworth’s display led to Fisher questioning the commitment of some of his players in the wake of the defeat.

“The game was over by half time, it was seeing out the game really, we was never getting back into it,” said Fisher.

“As a side we didn’t defend well at all, we left big gaps between defence and midfield, you can’t do that against sides like that.

“Three set-pieces have done us, but we didn’t need to make the challenge for the free-kick and we didn’t need to make the challenge for the penalty, the lad was going nowhere on the edge of the box. We’ve switched off for a free-kick, it’s just bad defending and bad decision making.”

Fisher was feeling reflective as he contemplated his side’s loss in the grand scheme of things, deciding that the sad case of Rob Dean was far more signicifcant.

“There’s more important things, like that poor Rob Dean, there’s a chance he won’t ever play football again. I’ve never managed Rob, but Webby (Dave Webb) has and he said to me about him ‘Come and see this kid, you’ll like him, he just wants to play football.’ When I read that about him it put some things in perspective. Poor kid, 24, hopefully it won’t be over for him.

“We got beat 3-0 but I feel more sorry for him than I do myself, it’s rubbish for the lad to finish his career at 24.”

“Some of my lads need to ask themselves what do you want out of football? Do you really want to play football? Rob Dean wanted it more than anything. Some of them need to have a long look at themselves in the mirror, they need a reality check.”