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SPEEDWAY LIVE: Lakeside Hammers v Swindon Robins

Last updated:

    Swindon Robins visit Lakeside Hammers in the Elite League.
  • The Robins are searching for their first win on the road this season.
  • Bjarne Pedersen comes in for Troy Batchelor and Benji Compton replaces Steve Worrall.


Rovin Robin 6:41pm Fri 25 Apr 14
As i have previously written that a close meeting such as this is a lot more exciting,i am not going to contradict myself. OK i am probably going to make a complete screw up of this suggestion as i am not an expert of the SCB regulations.. It seems to me that a lot of supporters are getting fed up with the so called ELITE league and although i think it is a great idea to encourage the up and coming riders. Suddenly adding two riders to your team is too much .. "One" would have been a better idea.. I believe that currently a Team’s initial Declaration must include 5 Riders whose combined MA does not exceed 32.00 points.. Well doesn't that mean that if all the riders achieve their average it still leaves 13 points for the reserves ( from the British Speedway FTDP List ). in order for a draw to occur.. My idea would be for a declared team of 8 riders , Two from the ( British Speedway FTDP List. ) With only one actually riding and the other ( on the books ) as a stand bye to cover for injury or unavailability. Also the team Declaration should include 6 Riders whose combined MA does not exceed 42.00 points. By strengthening the teams it would be more HONESTLY an ELITE league team . This is probably not the right forum to discuss this but it would be interesting to hear other peoples thoughts about it. Long live Speedway!!!
Score: 6
gruntfuttocks 7:55pm Fri 25 Apr 14
the thing is Rovin Roin is that you appear to have put a lot more thought in this than the powers that be have done. and because your idea make sense it will probably never happen
Score: 2
gruntfuttocks 7:56pm Fri 25 Apr 14
sorry about the b missing from your name. not very good at typing
Score: 0
Di kanny oh 8:31pm Fri 25 Apr 14
In Reply to Rovin Robin I feel that bringing on these fast track Brits is certainly needed but in the Elite League?? Sorry but this has degraded the Elite League as much to say there is nothing Elite about it anymore and I felt that the Premier League wa the league to bring these kids through. What they could have done for the Elite league is state that two Brits have to ride at reserve and under a certain age but not young kids that are totally out of their depth. I personally want to see the worlds top riders and this is why I chose to see Elite League speedway but this season is a farce and not only are we now a development league for the young Brits but we have also lost some good riders which has diminished this league even further. I actually believe we have to bring the British kids through but I know many of the fans I stand with feel this has really been taken too far. Why are we bringing young kids through at the expense of riders like Josh Auty and Ashley Birks this surely is a contradiction to what was trying to be achieved. There does seem to be a vast difference in levels of these Fast track Brits and feel the system is very lop sided. This may well be the first time for years I will miss matches this season as I am far from happy at the product and paying £17 and £2 parking for a watered down product.
Score: 4
Di kanny oh 9:53pm Fri 25 Apr 14
speedwaytrucker wrote: what happened to heat 5
Its there, it came after heat 4
Score: 0
speedwaytrucker 9:46pm Fri 25 Apr 14
what happened to heat 5
Score: 0
morris 1 9:58pm Fri 25 Apr 14
Should have read my comment yesterday and not bothered turning up - lambs to the slaughter. We cannot continue like this, team replacements needed, at this rate there will be no supporters. Will wait to see what the excuses are for tonight's performance, well done Kilderman.
Score: 1
Di kanny oh 10:02pm Fri 25 Apr 14
What a flop Bjarne was especially after his 3 points last night at Blunsdon against us bet Roscoe is not happy after picking him. Killer got 16 of our points tonight but again this new fast track rider system is severely flawed. 9 points yet again to make up from the reserve birth makes it virtually impossible when two of our top five score just 4 points what a joke.
Score: 2

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