STEVE Worrall has admitted he shares the frustrations of the Swindon fans as he prepares to miss yet another Robins meeting, but there is a glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel.

The draft pick has missed three of the Robins’ seven meetings to date, and will be absent again tomorrow when Birmingham come to town due to Premier League commitments with Edinburgh, meaning he has been unavailable for 50 per cent of his side’s fixtures.

However, of the Blunsdon club remaining 25 meetings this season he is only certain to miss a further five, with two more scheduled clashes only pencilled into the diary as provisional fixtures.

Robins fans have become frustrated by their number one reserve’s unavailability, but while the man himself shares their concerns he is pleased he will be able to turn out for his side on a more regular basis from now on.

“I’ve done pretty well in my guest bookings I’ve had recently and it’s all been going good to be honest,” Worrall said.

“The only bad thing is that I’ve not been riding for Swindon as much as I should have been, although it’s good I’ve still been getting rides from other teams.

“It’s been bad but I think there are only a few more clashes left and then hopefully I can start to be with Swindon every week. I’m a Swindon rider and I would obviously rather be riding for Swindon than guesting for everyone else in the Elite League, but I need to be making money and I can only do that by riding.”

Worrall is also frustrated that his absences have meant he has not been able to get used to his new home track as quickly as he would have liked.

“I need to get some more rides at the Swindon track because I’ve missed a few and that’s why I’ve struggled.

“A bit more time on the track would really help me there and hopefully I can get it soon and show what I can do.”

The young rider’s most recent absence from Swindon duty came at Lakeside on Friday, when he was due to ride for Edinburgh against Sheffield before the late call-off due to rain.

“There was nothing I could do on Friday because I was in Edinburgh and it didn’t get called off until 7.20pm, or something like that, so obviously I couldn’t have got to Lakeside even though I would have liked to,” he said.

“It was a long drive home after that and it was frustrating because I had sort of missed out on two meetings.”