PETER Kildemand is looking forward to taking to a Norfolk Arena track widely regarded as the best in the country.

The Dane is available for the Robins at King’s Lynn despite racing in the first round of his national championship the following evening, and being scheduled to ride for home club Fjelsted.

Like the rest of his teammates, Kildemand was disappointed not to have been able to hold onto an early lead at Wolverhampton on Monday but is now looking to the future as he goes head to head with opposite number and fellow Dane Niels-Kristian Iversen this evening.

“We were leading for the first part but then it got too easy for them and we started making mistakes and missing starts.

“Wednesday is another chance for us and hopefully we will do better there. It’s a good track and good for racing and it’s one I look forward to.

“I actually have a Danish meeting on Wednesday but I have already told my team I will be in England to ride for Swindon.”

While Kildemand was disappointed to see the Robins drop Dan Greenwood over the weekend, the Dane insisted it was right decision to replace the stuttering Coventry rider with Nathan Greaves.

“Steve (Worrall) went really well on Friday night, which is what we need from the reserves, and making some change is the right thing,” he said.

“Dan wasn’t feeling it because there was too much pressure so, for his sake and ours too, it was right to make the change.”