“PERFECT”, was the only word Paddy Fitzpatrick needed to describe George Groves’ training camp ahead of his British super fight with Carl Froch.

Froch-Groves II takes place at Wembley on Saturday night and the Swindon trainer, who will be in Groves’ corner for the rematch, told the Swindon Advertiser that preparations could not have gone any better.

Speaking at Groves’ open training session at Westfield Shopping Centre in West London, Fitzpatrick described how their training camp had gone by simply saying: “Perfect.

“George is in a great place “We’ve just got to do everything a little bit better, a bit tidier, we’ve all got to come a bit more correct.

“He is in a beautiful place, a perfect place.”

Fitzpatrick’s involvement in the build-up to the last fight was limited after Groves asked the Swindon trainer to be in his corner at the last minute after the boxer’s split with previous cornerman Adam Booth.

This time however, the pair have been working on this fight since December and Fitzpatrick is confident that everything is in place for Groves to dethrone WBA and IBF world super-middleweight champion Froch on Saturday night.

“We have been through more as a team,” said Fitzpatrick of this training camp. “We have been in circumstances which will either bring you together or drive you apart and they brought us closer together. That brings more trust between us and that brings more results.”

Groves stunned Froch in the first fight, flooring the champion in the opening round prior to dominating proceedings until he was controversially stopped in the ninth round and Fitzpatrick is confident his challenger can finish the job this time.

“What kind of George Groves can we expect? You can expect an athlete who is completely prepared in every way,” added Fitzpatrick. “I expect Carl very much can get stopped.

“It won’t surprise me at all for him to be stopped anywhere around the fifth. George seems to think a bit earlier but it is 12 or less.

“We haven’t trained for three, trained for five we have trained for a performance that is possibly going to go 12 rounds.

“But I don’t have anything left to say, it’s fight week, all my work is done now. I have got to show up, with Barry (O’Connell - Groves’ fitness and conditioning coach) be composed and remember the points that we have worked on, execute them and give him some direction in the minutes in between rounds.”

Ahead of today’s pre-fight press conference Groves has threatened to tell Froch his tactics as he also did in the first fight. Fitzpatrick though played his cards close to his chest about any mind games the pair will play in the final build-up to the fight but warned Froch that Groves will deliver anything he says he is going to do.

“If I did have something planned I wouldn’t tell you, we’ll just turn up,” said Fitzpatrick.

“He’ll decide that (if he’s going to reveal the gameplan) if and when. If he does say what he is going to do then it would be a foolish and naive man not to believe him.

“He didn’t even roughly prove it (last time) did he? He was clear and concise and precise. He said ‘I will take the centre of the ring, I will own the jab exchanges, I will back you up and I will land the right hands’, all four of which were done.

“The actual dropping of him was a little bonus wasn’t it?

“So if you have been told by a man 'I’m going to do this to you' and he has come out and done exactly what he said, then he comes round and tells you he is going to do something else, well if you give it no thought you are a foolish man, if you over think it you are a foolish man.”