CARL Froch should be ready for more than a right hand and a fast start from George Groves, according to the challenger’s trainer Paddy Fitzpatrick.

The Swindon cornerman, who trains Groves, sounded a warning to Froch’s camp ahead of Saturday’s WBA and IBF super-middleweight world title fight, saying: “The conversation that Carl and Rob(McCracken) had privately will probably be along the same terms of the conversation Rob has had in the papers publicly which is ‘yes we have got to respect George a bit more’, ‘just watch that right hand and be ready for a quick start’.

“Just two things “be ready for a right hand and be ready for a quick start”.

“That would be a very foolish, foolish assumption if that’s what you think you need to do to be ready for a man that totally dominated your last fight.”

Fitzpatrick also claimed Froch’s training camp will have been based on “lies” and that after Groves’ dominating start to the pair’s first clash, they cannot take any positives into Saturday’s rematch at Wembley Stadium.

Fitzpatrick added: “They will have gone into camp based on lies, they know eachother so well that you can pick up on little vibes without people saying anything.

“And he (Froch) will pick up on the vibe that Rob doesn’t act and talk and there isn’t the same energy coming off him that is usually coming off him.

“He’ll leave that conversation when he went back in the gym realising if there was only those two things wrong why does everything feel so bad if there was only those two little things wrong?

“We sat down with quite a few things that we needed to improve on, polish to get more correct. If we did that off of George’s dominating performance how many things would they have had to sit down to discuss?

“Robert McCracken has had 13 years to get Carl Froch to stop coming forward with his right foot when he throws a right hand, he’s had 13 years to get Carl Froch to keep his hands up around his chin and he hasn’t succeeded in doing that so why is he going to change that in six months?”

On Thursday at the final pre-fight press conference Groves revealed he would knock Froch out with a left hook.

In the first fight Groves told Froch he would meet him in the centre of the ring, win the jab exchanges and land two right hands and he delivered that and more when he floored Froch in the opening round.