TARIQ Quaddus says that there is plenty that he can learn from his first round fight.

The Swindon-based super-middleweight secured a 58-56 points decision over Welshman Jamie Ambler on the undercard of Kelvin Young’s dramatic defence of his IBO inter-continental title.

Having returned to the sweet science back in March after five-and-a-half years away, Quaddus had not dropped a round in any of his three previous fights.

But on Saturday against Ambler, the 23-year-old had to deal with a Welshman looking to catch the referee’s eye in the final 30 seconds of the rounds.

And he did on a couple of occasions, in the second and fifth rounds, but Quaddus had usually done enough in the first two minutes to secure the session.

In improving his record to five wins and one defeat, Quaddus was managing to gain punching around Ambler’s defence big spiteful hooks to the mid-section.

But the Aberystwyth man was durable and took them, even the shots that went straight throw his guard to catch him flush in the face.

“That was my toughest fight date,” Quaddus said afterwards. “It was six rounds as well so I felt the pace, it is all about building on this, I’m moving up and up.

“I got some success around the sides with some body shots, but he was like a punchbag and didn’t budge from them, so fair play to him.

“I think the best time to catch and hurt him was when he was throwing, which is what I’ll remember for other opponents.

“It is a learning curve. You are going to have tough fights when people are ranked above you and he is ranked above me, so it is not going to be all my way all the time.”