MASSIMO Luongo is expecting his Australia side to go on the offensive when they begin their World Cup campaign against Chile this evening.

Luongo is the first Swindon player to be involved in a World Cup for 20 years but, given they must also tackle the Netherlands and reigning champions Spain, the Socceroos face an uphill task make it out of Group B.

However, with their tournament set to begin at 11pm British time this evening in Cuiaba, the Swindon midfielder insisted it’s not in his side’s nature to sit back and defend.

“We’re expecting to win games and advance to the next stage, Luongo said.

“It’s a tough group and we’re going to try and pick up as many points as we can and we want to win.

“Against Chile we’re trying to break them down and counter what they do to score goals.

“We’re not looking to hide and simply defend. We’re not like that.”

“We’re focusing on this game and all our training has been geared to how we can compete against them.

“Every group will be a tough group so we just need to work at it. When it comes to the World Cup every team is on a level par because we’ve all qualified to be here and they’re all good players, and the games are very close.

“Most games are 1-0 or 1-1 and anything can happen.”

Luongo and his teammates are also banking on the support of fans back home, with the World Cup temporarily grabbing headlines ahead of the likes of cricket, rugby and Aussie Rules Football.

“It’s not a massive sport when you compare it to Aussie Rules or Rugby Union or something like that, but it’s definitely competing with them at the moment,” Luongo said.

“Qualifying for the World Cup has boosted us a bit and at the moment because it is the World Cup, so it’s good to know everyone is behind us back home.”