KELVIN Young’s trainer Richard Farnan has said that they have no intention of facing Liam Cameron.

The IBO super-middleweight youth champion contacted the Advertiser to call out the Penhill pugilist and put his inter-continental title on the line.

However, with Young and Farnan working towards becoming mandatory for the world title, the out-spoken youngster from Sheffield will have to wait.

“Liam you call us out all he wants,” Farnan said. “But we are looking at becoming mandatory for the world title.

“To do that Kelv’s next defence has got to be against some ranked between 40 and 35 with the IBO - Liam is not.

“Fair play to him for winning the youth title, but he has got to go his own path because we have got ours.”

The 27-year-old defended his inter-continental belt last Saturday after climbing off the canvas to claim a majority points decision over Cameroon-born Frenchman Francis Tchoffo.

And with his first defence successfully out of the way, Young is expected to return to the ring in late September or early October.

“I wouldn’t go as far to say that Liam has got to earn his shot, but he is not in our sights,” Farnan said.

“Maybe one day they’ll meet, but right now we want someone in the top 35-40 for our next defence because if Kelv wins that then he is mandatory for the world.”

Ever since Young won the inter-continental belt in December with a unanimous points decision over Bulgarian Alexey Ribchev, Farnan says that there route his been plotted and they have no intention of deviating from.

“This has been the plan for the last six to eight months,” Farnan said. “It is not the first time we have been called out and it won’t be the last.

“Some people have said why don’t we fight (English and WBC international champion) Callum Smith, but we are going in different directions.”