KELVIN Young could be in line for a shock world title tilt in his next fight if Richard Farnan gets his way.

The IBO super-middleweight inter-continental champion’s trainer is planning to persuade the winner of Donovan George and Dyah Davis, who clash for the world title on August 23 in Chicago, to make a voluntary defence against the Penhill pugilist.

And while Farnan admits that it will be a long shot, he knows that to secure Young Gun a shot at the main belt they would need to travel to the United States.

Young, despite only being ranked 75th in the world on BoxRec, would be eligible to face the new IBO world champion because he holds the inter-continental belt.

And it is the 27-year-old’s ranking that Farnan hopes that will persuade the victor in Chicago to look their way.

“Dyah Davis was on our list as a potential opponent for the autumn defence anyway,” Farnan said. “What I want to see happen is that they look at Kelv to make a voluntary defence.

“Yes, we would have to go to the States to get it, but this would be for a shot at the world title.

“I’m hoping the winner will look at Kelv’s record and think that this would be the easy choice, take him lightly and think that it will be a safe fight.”

Although any potential world title chance for Young would unlikely happen until November at the earliest, Farnan says that they won’t start to approach potential opponents for defending the inter-continental belt until they have a firm answer on their bid for world honours.

“Before the fight I’m going to contact them both through social media and wish them luck,” Farnan said. “I’m going to be respectful wish them luck and after the fight I’m going to put Kelv’s name forward to them.”

But given the fact that Young’s manager and promoter Keith Mayo is looking at putting on his next show towards the end of September to early October, Farnan has already drawn up a list of opponents.

And one of those fighters is Peter Manfredo junior who felt he was stopped too early in the third round against Joe Calzaghe in front of 40,000 fans at the Millenium Stadium in April 2007.

“Money is probably going to be an issue there, but we need someone in the top 35,” Farnan added.

“If we could get Manfredo, I think Kelv could beat him and that would see him shoot right up the world rankings - he’s 18th with the IBO.”