HANS Andersen has backed Peter Kildemand to make a real impact at tonight’s Danish GP, but only if he stays calm and keeps a lid on his nerves.

Kildemand is the wild card for tonight’s meeting in Copenhagen and has hopes of making a semi final, which Andersen believes is well within his capabilities.

However, given Kildemand’s tendency to overcook corners while chasing from the back, Andersen insisted his friend and former Swindon teammate must stay calm to make the most of his big chance.

“It will be different for him this time because he’s had a few races from reserve and this time he’s in from the beginning,” he said.

“Hopefully he can enjoy it and stay calm because he can sometimes overcook his race and forgets it’s four laps, but he’ll do alright.

“On his day he can do anything and it might depend on what he does from the gate. As we saw at Swindon last year he can forget it’s four laps and crashes, and he did that at the GP semi final too and only just got through.

“Every point is vital because sometimes eight points isn’t even enough to get in the semis, but if you can get in there then everything’s possible for him.”

Andersen remains the only Dane to have secured success in the Copenhagen round of the world championship and, on what is the GP series’ final visit to PARKEN, is not overly concerned about who wins tonight.

“This is the final one at PARKEN which is a shame because it’s a big venue which I really enjoyed riding at.

“I’m not really bothered (about another Dane taking his record) but it would be pretty cool if Peter did win rather than some of the others.

“I will be watching it but I’m more focussed on my own stuff to be honest.”