SWINDON’S Sandra Moore experienced a once in a lifetime opportunity at the recent British Athletics Championships as she took to the track alongside the UK’s finest.

The 52-year-old works at the Bridgemead branch of Sainsbury’s and led out the country’s finest women’s 100m runners, including eventual British champion Asha Philip, at Birmingham’s Alexander Stadium on Sunday.

Moore, of Bodian Drive, performed her role in front of a capacity crowd and is adamant she won’t be forgetting the experience any time soon.

“It was a lovely day, it was one of those experiences of a lifetime and I really enjoyed it,” said Cattermole, who was nominated for the honour by his colleagues.

“It was really good fun, everyone’s thoroughly enjoyed it and the atmosphere was really good,” said Moore, who was nominated for the honour by her colleagues.

“It was a bit nerve-wracking going out there but it was a great event to do, the 100m, it is the one everyone watches isn’t it?

“The athletes seemed really relaxed before the start and it was great to see what happens behind the scenes.

“I watch athletics on TV but it was totally different being a part of a big crowd, and meeting other Sainsbury’s colleagues made it even more special.”

Moore was one of almost 50 Sainsbury’s colleagues from across the UK to have led out an event across the three days of the British Championships at the iconic Alexander Stadium.

“I was nominated because I caught two fraudulent orders come through our system on the same day,” she added.

“They were first-time orders and I noticed they were quite big, and you double check them if they look suspicious.

“Somehow they had stolen credit card details and it’s part of my job to monitor that.

“My manager said I went above and beyond but I don’t like people getting away with what they are trying to do.”

Sainsbury’s is proud to support British Athletics through the Summer Series events and committed to helping young people lead healthier, more active lifestyles. For more information visit www.sainsburys.co.uk/legacy