AN ARMY of volunteers from Swindon ensured Saturday’s Grand Prix in Cardiff was one of the smoothest to date.

Along with clerk of the course Michael Hunt and pit marshal Andy Reynolds, eight members of the Abbey Stadium track staff were responsible for work on the Millennium Stadium circuit, with many staying on into the early hours of Sunday to clear the arena.

Hunt, responsible for a long list of logistical tasks on the day, was pleased with how things went on what was his first time in the job having previously served as assistant clerk for three years.

“It all went really smoothly,” he said.

“It was a brilliant event as it always was and the presentation was to the usual high standard you expect from Cardiff.

“The meeting started three minutes late, which I suppose was the only minor thing, but we soon made that time up and in actual fact the meeting finished 20 minutes earlier than allowed for.

“It was a great night and an honour to be involved in things, and if I was lucky enough to be asked to do it again then I would jump at it.

“It really was a great occasions and there was some good racing too, the track held up well and that was really good.”

Reynolds was responsible for running the pit lane on the night, which also proved to be a smooth operation.

“Sometimes at Cardiff you can expect a few incidents and some riders to have emotions running high but this one was pretty calm,” he said.

“There were no major incidents and no controversy so everything went well.

“There were no real crashes and the two riders who did fall (Darcy Ward and Michael Jepsen Jensen) were quick to get off the track so that was great.

“It was brilliant to be involved in it all.”

As well as Hunt and Reynolds, Graham and Dave Cooke, John and Roberts Nobbs, Rex Woodruffe, Jamie Wiltshire, Keith Johnson and Edwin Hutchinson were the eight on duty in Cardiff.