RICHARD Farnan has promised Tariq Quaddus will hurt Chris Hobbs after the Southampton boxer took to social media to claim the Swindon fighter has ‘signed his death certificate’.

The super-middleweight appears to be on a collision course with the unbeaten 27-year-old after Quaddus was offered the chance to face Hobbs at the end of next month.

The 24-year-old’s trainer, Farnan, told the Advertiser last week that they were offered the chance to face the man who has won all five of his fights and they had accepted.

However, a deal is still to be struck for a bout, and the Southampton man took to Facebook to vent his anger at his name being mentioned as a potential opponent.

Hobbs said: “Next fight 20th September hopefully against this Tariq quaddas guy who been mouthing off about fighting me! Wel he signed his death certificate! Let's see if he comes and gets some! Keep the date free people! Guna I've the guy a boxing lesson! 20th sept at the pyramids in portsmouth!”

Quaddus told the Advertiser: “I can’t see how he can say this, he hasn’t stopped anyone, it is not as if he is Mike Tyson saying this to scare me.

“He has been fighting journeymen and he knows that I’m away from the September 18 and that is why he is saying September 20 - he doesn’t want to fight me.”

While Farnan says that they weren’t too bother about facing Hobbs next, they have now got their eyes firmly focused on potential clash.

“Tariq will hurt him, make no mistake about that,” Farnan said. “He is going hit him, hit him hard and take his ‘0’.

“Before we weren’t too bothered about it, now we want Chris, this is the fight we want.”

However, the date of September 20 is unlikely to happen, with Quaddus out of the country on a family holiday, and Farnan is still hopeful that the fight can be made.

“Tariq is due to go to Dubai then, it has been booked for a long time,” Farnan said. “We were offered Chris two weeks ago and we said yes.

“Then we got word back that he wouldn’t be ready for a four-round fight on August 30 - that was six weeks away and he won’t be ready.

“If he wants the fight we are here; we can do four, six or eight rounds, we can do it before or after September 20.”

On the claim that Quaddus has ‘signed his death certificate’, Farnan felt that Hobbs had overstepped the mark.

“It is just wrong,” Farnan said. “It is OK to say you are going to knock out someone out and do this and that to them. But to say that he’s ‘signed his death certificate’ is not needed in any walk of life.”