FLYING reserve Steve Worrall was pleased to see Nathan Greaves enjoy his best night in a Robins’ race suit, even though it hit him in the pocket.

Teenager Greaves has struggled since his elevation to the Elite League, after replacing Dan Greenwood, but enjoyed a superb showing against Lakeside on Thursday as he was paid for eight points and looked calm and collected on the bike.

The 16-year-old’s performance also saw him take all four of his programmed rides, with ultra-consistent Worrall usually asked to take his partner’s final outing.

Being restricted to just four rides himself meant Worrall missed out on his usual double figure home score, returning 7+2, but the senior reserve was pleased to see Greaves on the pace.

“I didn’t get my usual five rides so I couldn’t’ get to double figures,” Worrall joked.

“If you only have four rides it’s hard because you need four wins to try and make a good night of it, but it was really good to see Nathan get going.

“I would rather he was scoring points than not, but I’m so used to taking his fourth ride that it did feel a little weird that I didn’t.

“I’m glad Nathan’s now found his feet and he looked really good out there, I could see him looking back in heat two and I tried to give him some space because I didn’t want him to make a mistake. I just wanted him to let it go.”

Worrall is hopeful the Robins will make the end of season play-offs, despite not being a regular viewer of the league table, but knows both he and Greaves will need to produce if they are to get the better of the likes of Poole and King’s Lynn.

“If we make the play-offs he’s going to need to score some points because the reserves in the top few teams are very good and we will all have to be on form,” he said.

“I don’t look at the table all that much but I hope we can get there, because that means more meetings.”