WES Foderingham feels like he is improving as a goalkeeper playing in Swindon Town’s adventurous attacking style.

Foderingham is one of the longest serving players currently at the club and has seen his status grow into one of the side’s senior players, but now he has a different role. This season the 23-year-old has been asked by manager Mark Cooper to take on a ‘sweeper ‘keeper’ position, starting moves from his own box and improving his distribution.

Having played as a youngster out on pitch Foderingham is happy with the ball at his feet and feels comfortable with what’s being asked of him.

Speaking to the local media he said: “I definitely feel like I’m improving as a player, I’m enjoying it. I believe it’s the right way to play football it’s the way the modern game is evolving now.

“Everyone’s going to start trying to play out from the back, goalkeepers need to be good with their feet and I’m happy to be part of it.

“The gaffer wants to play higher up the pitch and that means the goalkeeper has to play higher up the pitch as well and try and deal with balls over the top.”

A change in role has also meant Foderingham’s training has been adapted to suit develop his ability to play with both feet under pressure, a task he knows he has to wok on.

“I’ve been doing a lot of extra work with kicking, a lot on my right-foot as well because that’s come into use a bit more. I have the ball at the feet a lot more in these games, so I’ve got to adapt the training and work a lot more on my distribution.”

In Tuesday’s draw with Gillingham Swindon’s number one came under a bit of pressure with one his kicks and was unfortunate to see it strike Jordan Turnbull and loop into the path of Danny Kedwell who scored. Foderingham is a confident player and says the accident will not have an affect on his game.

“It’s one of those things that happens. There’s no getting away from it, I’ve come out of the box and tried to clear it and Jordan’s done the right thing in trying to shield the ball into me and it’s unfortunate it’s ricocheted of his back. I wont look too much into it and I’m sure he won’t either.”