MARK Cooper believes the Swindon Town fans are starting to buy into the style of football he and his coaching staff are trying to produce.

The shift to a patient possession-based style of football has at times caused cries from Town fans wanting the team to get the ball forward quicker.

These have not fallen on deaf ears amongst Cooper and his staff but they do believe in how they are trying to get the team to play and thought they could win support round with the performances on the pitch.

On the back of their excellent start to the season the dugout has come under less audible abuse and has Cooper feeling like the supporters are starting to get what he wants the team to do.

“It’s good at the minute because I’ve started to sense over the last couple of weeks that we are getting a bit of a synergy with the supporters and they are starting to buy into what we’re trying to do,” said the Town boss.

“They’re starting to really get behind the team. If the ball goes backwards, I’m not getting as many ‘forwards’ from the stand. I think they’re quite enjoying it, I certainly am.

“The fans should have their say. I don’t know, I might be being presumptuous, but they’ve started to get it a little bit.

“They’ve been brilliant, I’ve always said in the bits I’ve done in the media, the more they get behind the players, the easier it becomes for the players.

“Because the way we play needs a bit of patience and they need everybody behind them.”